Friday, December 15, 2017

Today's Thought

"It's nice to know the definition of love, but it's probably more important to know the definition of partner."

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Monday, December 11, 2017

A Message

My bookstall has been a lonely place this Christmas shopping season.  May I just ask this -- if you are on someone's gift list, might you let them know that you'd enjoy a Robert Brault book?  Thank you.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

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Monday, August 29, 2016

A Day With My Memories

"I enjoy, occasionally, a day with my memories -- these paintings hanging on the walls of my mind."

"One way to meet new people is to listen more carefully to the people you see every day."

"It's important to express one's feelings, especially feelings like sympathy and gratitude that exist only in their expression."

"Shall I regret having had a dream that never came true?  No, no more than I would regret having had a lifelong friend who died."

"Occasionally it's good to challenge the likelihood that you were born into a world where nothing is any of your business."

"You need a friend who won't lie to you.  I mean, besides a friend who will."

"Meanwhile, my lawyer has advised against pleading temporary insanity, given the lack of evidence that it's temporary."

~~ Robert Brault

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nine Thoughts

Life is a series of choices, all needing to be made before you are remotely qualified to make them.

What do you say to a wayward child --  go and never brighten my door again?

Life is not fair, harder to acknowledge when it's not fair in your favor.

Society wants you marching to its tune.  If you start dancing to it, it is not amused.

I like to say that I have never known failure.  I have known a lot of partial successes.

You can break up a marriage of strangers and become friends, but it's harder to break up a marriage of friends and remain friends..

There is no human weakness so universal that it cannot be made an unforgivable sin by calling it betrayal.

Marriage vow:  "And do you  promise that if you haven't already told each other everything, you won't start now?"

Do I ask so much -- a little good news on  the front page, an occasional resurrection  in the obituaries?

~~~ Robert Brault

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Perseverance is just muleheadedness that succeeded.  Farsightedness is just craziness that was right.

The danger of caring only about yourself is that it so often leads to not caring
about anyone.

Doing a stupid thing doesn't make you stupid.  Doing it again and again, thinking it
makes you stubborn, makes you stupid. 

One of the places to look for truth is in things we don't believe but think it important that our kids do.

One of life's simpler rules:  Never put yourself in the position of being harmed by someone telling the truth.

Ever ask yourself what you would do if you had tomorrow to live over again?

~~ Robert Brault 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Loose Ends

"There's never just one loose end, so if you're feeling like a loose end, someone else is, too."

"I'd rather trust in the grace of God than luck, because, frankly, I'm not that certain Lady Luck even exists."

"It is easier to be good at something than to be good at faking it."

"You can lose the battle but win the war, assuming it's a war, and there was need for a battle."

"It is hard sometimes to let someone else live by the same deceptions you allow yourself."

"Material success is always tempered by the recollection that there was some sort of happiness that was supposed to come with it."

~~ Robert Brault