Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nine Thoughts

Life is a series of choices, all needing to be made before you are remotely qualified to make them.

What do you say to a wayward child --  go and never brighten my door again?

Life is not fair, harder to acknowledge when it's not fair in your favor.

Society wants you marching to its tune.  If you start dancing to it, it is not amused.

I like to say that I have never known failure.  I have known a lot of partial successes.

You can break up a marriage of strangers and become friends, but it's harder to break up a marriage of friends and remain friends..

There is no human weakness so universal that it cannot be made an unforgivable sin by calling it betrayal.

Marriage vow:  "And do you  promise that if you haven't already told each other everything, you won't start now?"

Do I ask so much -- a little good news on  the front page, an occasional resurrection  in the obituaries?

~~~ Robert Brault


  1. Hello Robert! My favorite this time is: "How to know when to end a relationship? A good rule of thumb is that it's been over at least a year." Hee hee....:)

  2. "Life is not fair, harder to acknowledge when it's not fair in your favor."
    Truer words were never spoken....
    Thank you again for always being there when I look for you.

  3. Wayward children -- so complicated. But the only right answer is to keep loving. Loved the way you put it - -they may walk away from us, but we will never walk away from them. They can always brighten my door - -whenever they're ready. Thank you! xo